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The achievements of the women descended from the 19th century chinese immigrants!!


The Achievements of the Women Descended from the 19th Century Chinese Immigrants. Part 1

Cecilia McAlmont and Margery Kirkpatrick..

One hundred and thirty years ago, thirty one members of British Guiana’s plantocracy subscribed the sum of about 8,647 pounds sterling to charter the ship “Dartmouth” to transport a group of Chinese immigrants from Canton. The “Dartmouth” arrived in the colony in early 1879 with 500 free immigrants- 436 men, 47 women,18 boys, 5 girls and 9 infants. It proved to be the last shipment of immigrants in what was termed “the Chinese Experiment”. In all, 13,541 immigrants about 17% of whom were women came during the 26 years of periodic arrivals. The immigrants both men and women served their contractual obligations and for the most part moved away from the plantations to seek a better life for themselves and their children. The focus of the next two articles will be on the achievements of the women who were and are descended from these immigrants.
The experiment in action.
By the early 1850’s , British Guiana’s plantocracy had all but persuaded the Colonial Office that not only the survival of the sugar economy but also the survival of civilization in the colony was dependent on their being allowed to import large numbers of immigrants restrained by long indentures. Immigrants from China were to be an integral part of the survival process. They were regarded as being equal to the Blacks and superior to the Indian immigrants in their ability to fulfill the tasks associated with sugar cultivation. Moreover their presence would stimulate competition and help to lower wages, a significant element of their high costs of production.
From the inception, the experiment was fraught with difficulties. Foremost among them was the problem of recruiting women. However, an Ordinance in early 1859 dealt with that issue. Among its provisions was the enforcement of a quota system for female Chinese immigrants by empowering the governor to withhold payment to a passenger ship not having a reasonable number of women. Additionally, an incentive of fifty dollars was set aside to be paid towards the passage of every female Chinese immigrant. The first batch of women, 56 or roughly one sixth of the shipment of 377 immigrants arrived on the “Whirlwind” in March 1860. All subsequent shipments were to include women. There were other constraints to implementation. The competition for Chinese immigrants from Cuba, Peru and the USA and the ambivalence of the planters who continued to balance the advantages of an intelligent, hardworking but comparatively expensive Chinese immigration with that of Indian immigration. They often chose the more easily available Indian immigrants. The women worked on the estates, though not always in the fields, under the same conditions as the men many of whom became their husbands. They were therefore just as eager to move on with their lives after their time on the sugar plantations.
Becoming Creole
Many of the immigrants chose re indenture because of the limited range of economic activities available- the retail trade for example had been dominated by the Portuguese with the blessings of the planters since the 1840s.However, the Hopetown experiment temporarily filled a vacuum and their success in the charcoal business laid the foundations of their challenge to the Portuguese. Many with support from the Anglican Church or loans from private money lenders opened small businesses. More substantial businesses were established in Georgetown in particular, while other entrepreneurs sought and made their fortunes as plantation owners and in the gold and diamond fields.
These occupations brought many wealth and prosperity and gave them status within their own local communities. However, they sought recognition and status within he wider community, specifically the middle class, dominated by the Creoles, for whom success in the professions, like law and medicine, rather than wealth seemed to open doors. Acquiring the necessary education as a first step to achieving middle class status became the main goal of the succeeding generation of immigrants. Sue-A-Qua explained that it was regarded as a matter of pride and prestige to have at least one child achieve higher education thereby seeing someone of the next generation gain the honour of a more respected status in the society compared to the immigrants themselves. Because of the relatively small numbers, women had become a very precious commodity and so were their daughters. The women were therefore given equal opportunity with the men to acquire the education necessary to propel them into the middle class.
Loo Shee, her descendants and their achievements
Loo Shee or Rebecca Lee a Tak was one of the immigrants whose female descendants have achieved much. She was one of the non indentured immigrants fleeing from the internecine Tai P’ing rebellion. She was the daughter of a rich family at the Manchu Court who the rebels targeted. She fled to British Guiana with her two sons and daughter on board the “Chapman” which arrived June 10, 1861.In 1886, after the death of her husband U-A-Ho whom she had married on board the ship, she married Lee-A-Tak, another refugee from the Tai P’ing rebellion who had arrived on the “AGZA” in 1862. The achievements of her descendants both men and women span the gamut of human endeavour . However, like elsewhere in the world the women‘s achievements tend to be concentrated in the feminine areas of education and health. For example, she is the great grand mother of Laura Hing, music teacher and Laura Edna Mallalieu, one time history teacher at Bishops High School. She is also the great, great grandmother of Andrea Leslie Lee, Researcher of Chinese history; Kim Ingrid Ramkissoon, Lecturer, St. Augustine campus, UWI; Valli Esther Fung, former Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, U.G; and the 1951 Guyana scholar from BHS, Jocelyn Ho a Shu.
However, some of her female descendants have also cracked the glass ceiling in non traditional areas. Perhaps the most notable is the area of power and decision making. The minuscule presence of Guyanese and other women worldwide in the halls of power and decision making has been discussed ad nauseam. But women have been making slow but steady progress in this direction. A descendant of Loo Shee is one of them. A few months ago her great, great, great grand daughter, Ms. Pauline, Roseanne Campbell – Sukhai was appointed Minister of Amerindian Affairs. Additionally, she has been a Member of Parliament in the current PPP/C administration since it took office in 1992. Also in the field of decision making, her great grand daughter, Dulcie Lolita Wong retired as a Director of the WHO, Surinam.
In the non traditional field of business Loo Shee’s grand daughter, Ethel Alexander Choo was probably one of the first women in British Guiana who went into business. She was the Proprietrix of a Chinese restaurant two doors from St Saviour’s church in Broad Street. She is also the great grand mother of Margery Kirkpatrick nee Ting A Kee whose Catering business inherited from her mother, grand daughter of Loo Shee catered for the National Assembly from 1979 to 2001.She is also the author of several books on Chinese cooking and the well known From the Middle Kingdom to the New World: Aspects of the Chinese Experience in Migration to British Guiana. She is a Director in her husband’s business, Professional Guard Service and was awarded a Medal of Service in 1984 for her various contributions. Also in a non traditional field, her daughter, Melanie McTurk and great, great grand daughter of Loo Shee is a Chemist .She has worked in the Iwokrama Laboratories and on the spill caused by the Omai Gold mines.
Achievement in the field of sports was one of the mechanisms used by the descendants, especially male descendants of 19th century Chinese immigrants to enhance their credentials for acceptance into the predominantly Creole British Guiana middle class. This quest for middle class recognition gave the third and fourth generation of Chinese women, an opportunity which in Chinese culture they would not normally have had to showcase their talents in several sports disciplines. Several of LooShee’s descendants made good use of the opportunity. For example, her great, great grand daughter, Candy Alana Leeb represented the Chinese Sports Club in Badminton and hockey at the national level. Together with Doreen Chow Wah, another descendant of 19th century Chinese immigrants, won the ladies doubles Table Tennis championships in 1974.Another great, great, grand daughter Diane Margo Singh was Sports woman of the year in 1968 and yet another, Mary Cheong was the champion swimmer of the Dolphin Speed Swimming Club.
The above discussion demonstrated the many achievements of the women descended from Loo Shee. But the female descendants of other immigrants who came the same time with, before and after her also achieved much. Their story will be the subject of the next article.

History This Week
BY Staff and Administrator
Published: July 10, 2008 in Daily, Features
The achievements of women descended from the 19th century Chinese Immigrants - (Part 2)

By Cecilia McAlmont and Margery Kirkpatrick


In the previous article, a brief account of what was called “the Chinese Experiment”, the implications of the immigrants and their descendants becoming Creole, and one female immigrant, Loo Shee, her descendants and their achievements were discussed. Those discussions will continue in this article.

Marlene Kwok/CrawfordAs was mentioned, the path to middle class status for the descendants of the immigrants came through the acquisition of higher education and entering the professions, especially law, medicine and other sciences, accountancy etc. Consequently, given the relatively small percentage of Chinese in the total population their achievements, especially the male descendants in these professions are remarkable. However, as will be demonstrated, like women worldwide, the achievements of the women descended from the immigrants, though very significant, often extraordinary, have tended to be in those professions that are associated with women’s traditional caring and nurturing role - education, nursing, social issues. However, it will also be shown that from as early as the first generation, some women have also made their mark in non- traditional areas.
Luck Khan Hee aka Lok
Ah Me aka Luck Kim Hee
aka Isaac Luck Ah Me
and his descendants

The achievements of the female descendants of this immigrant who arrived on the final ship, the “Darthmouth”, March 17, 1879, amply demonstrate the above. He himself or rather his aka’s demonstrate how the names of the Chinese immigrants either by choice, conversion to Christianity or ignorance of the authorities were changed, shortened or even anglicized over time. This subject is amply dealt with in Trev Sue-A-Quan’s Cane Reapers: Chinese Indentured Immigrants in Guyana. He took the final aka Isaac after his baptism. The surname of his descendants is now simply Luck. More than half a dozen of his sons and grandsons were in the professions of law and medicine. One son, J.C. Luck established Central High School and his grandson, Ray, broke the family tradition by becoming a famous Concert Pianist. His grand daughter, Stella Elisabeth, became principal of Central High School established by her father. His great grand daughter Beverly, obtained the Hilda Serage Medal at Bishops’ High School and was Guyana scholar in 1956. Another great grand daughter Andrea Leslie became a researcher of Chinese families while her sister Denise Elisabeth Lam, lectured at the University of Guyana. Yet another great grand daughter Jennie Victoria Ribeiro, became a social worker in the Pomeroon and has been honoured by the government with a Medal of Service. Breaking out of the mould, on the death of her husband, his daughter Victoria Lam successfully operated a wholesale and retail business in Water Street. His great grand daughter Constance Felicia Kranenberg became an Accountant with the Guyana Bauxite Co. and her daughter Caroline Correia runs her own business.

Wong Yan Cheong and
his descendants

Anande TrotmanLike Isaac Luck Ah Me, he also arrived on the “Darthmouth” with his three married sons and his five year old daughter Wong in Lan/Leow. His great, great grand daughter, Rose Wong’s great grand daughter, Brenda Felicity Hooper was a Guyana scholar in 1965 while her sister, Janice Elisabeth Shinebourne won the Guyana Prize for Literature for a first Book of Fiction, “Time Piece” in 1987. In the field of sports, his great, great grand daughter, Doreen Chow Wah/Lee became the West Indies Table Tennis champion in 1970 and with Denise Osman won the ladies Doubles Championship 1967-1972.

John Ho a Shoo aka Ho
Shau and his

He arrived on the “Corona”, February 23, 1874. His eldest daughter, Asin has the distinction of being one of Guyana’s first medical doctors in the first decade of the 20th century. She entered the University of Edinburgh, 1906 to study in the field of Medicine. In 1912 she was a Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons at University of Dublin. Her daughter Gem Ho a Hing became a Junior Champion at Wimbledon, the only Guyanese to play there.

Ho Ten Pow and his

The women descended from immigrant HO TEN POW have achieved much in both traditional and non traditional fields of endeavour. He arrived here on the “Queen of the East”, April 1865 with three young sons. His oldest son, Joseph Ho Chung a Cheung was father of the late President Arthur Chung. One of Joseph’s great, great grand daughters, Safeeda, Nasir/Ali is a Graphic Artist, her sister Aneesha is the PRO for Court’s Guyana Ltd. His great grand daughter, Marlene Kwok/Crawford was Deputy Headmistress of Bishops’ High School and is the author of Scenes from the History of the Chinese in Guyana.

Viola BurnhamAnother great granddaughter, Debbie Fung was not only a lecturer at the University of Guyana but was the Ladies Singles Lawn Tennis Champion in 1984 and with her sister Caryll won the Ladies Doubles Championship in 1974, 1975, 1980 and 1983-1985 while another, Diane Lee was Sportswoman of the year 1986. His grand daughter, Rosalind Fung/Lee was Miss Guyana in 1956 and also won the contest among the three Guianas. This earned her the right to represent the three countries at the Miss Universe contest in Hollywood. His great, great, great grand daughter, Amanda whose mother, Nancy was also a beauty queen won the Miss Guyana contest in 1988.

Chin Chung aka Chau a
Chung and his

He arrived on the “Pride of Ganges” July 31, 1863 with three sons, John Chin a Chee aka Archie Chin and two others. Archie is the grand father of the late Viola Burnham nee Harper, First Lady of the Republic of Guyana.

She contributed in the field of education as a Latin teacher at Bishops’ High School for many years and later as one of the Vice Presidents, Education and Social Development in the Desmond Hoyte’s administration.

She also worked tirelessly to improve the situation of women as Chairperson of the WRSM. Both of her daughters have achieved in the non traditional areas. Melanie is a Financial Operations Manager and Ulele is a Barrister.

Kwok A Fuk On aka
Abraham Kwok Fuk On
and his descendants.

He arrived on the “Bucton Castle”, August 1865. His daughter Martha nee Fung Kee Fung was one of the earliest women in the field of business. She became a landed proprietor who owned many businesses including a rice mill. She bought two abandoned sugar estates Waller’s Delight and Ruimzight at Windsor Forest which she rented to tenants to plant rice.

Martha Street in Windsor Forrest is named for her. The descendants of Abraham Kwok (the latter part of the surname was not surprisingly dropped) were often interrelated through marriage. Part of the reason of course was the acute shortage of women. Such unions also helped to cement and build bridges in business and towards the important goal of achieving middle class status. For example Abraham Kwok is the great, grand father of Marlene Kwok/Crawford who, as was earlier mentioned, is the great, great grand daughter of Ho Ten Pow. Three of the grand daughters of Jacob Fung A Pen who arrived on the Dartmouth in 1879 married into the Luck family and were also descendants of Ho Ten Pow. The achievements of some of these women, Jennie Ribeiro, Nancy Ann Lam Jardim and Joan Fung have already been noted.

Ham Smi aka Ham Siow
aka Elizabeth Poon and
her descendants.

She arrived on the “Lady Elmer Bruce” on August 15,1862. Her descendants are also a part of the intermarriages just discussed. She is the maternal great grandmother of Margery Kirkpatrick who is also a descendant of Loo Shee. Her other descendants have also achieved much. Her great grand daughter Eileen Smith Gillette taught mathematics at Bishops’ High School. Her great, great grand daughter, Amanda Richards was a champion swimmer. In 1977, she won two gold medals for Guyana in the Inter Guiana games. She is now an Administrative Manager with Farfan & Mendes and is also on the board of IPED.

Descendants with origins
from other ethnic groups.

However, one cannot conclude this discussion without drawing attention to the fact that there are many men and women who would normally be associated with other ethnic groups but are in fact descendants of these immigrants. The shortage of women initially contributed to this. Some of these women and their achievements have already been discussed. The Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Nasseer and Aneesha Ali, Mrs Viola Burnham and her daughters. One can also add Fashion Designer, Donna James nee Ramsammy whose great grand father Ah Wah was one of the early arrivals. There are also lawyers Anande and Raphael Trotman, Co founder of the Alliance For Change whose great, great grandfather Lai A Poo arrived on the “Whirlwind” in 1860. He married Leung Shi another immigrant who arrived on the “Dartmouth” in 1862.

Written by Paul U-Ming..

Naomi Campbell was born in Streatham, London, England. Her mother, Valerie Campbell (née Morris), is a former ballet dancer of Afro-Jamaican descent. In accordance with her mother's wishes, Campbell has never met her unnamed father, who left then-18-year-old Valerie two months after the birth of their daughter.[3][4] Campbell is Black Jamaican and also of Chinese Hakka descent through her paternal grandmother of Chinese Jamaican ancestry (family name Ming).[5] Of her appearance, Campbell has said: "My features are completely ethnic, and I'm proud of them."

As a young child, Campbell was left in the care of a nanny while her mother travelled across Europe with the dance troupe Fantastica. At age 10, she was accepted into the Italia Conti Academy stage school, where she studied ballet.[6] She attended Dunraven School, a comprehensive school run by Inner London Education Authority in Streatham.

Funny i was a kid when she became famous,and were from the same town in south London, a place called Streatham,,funnily enough it is the part of London thats known for its artists and poets,small world never knew we were related to the ultimate DIVA,now its confirmed that the Ming women carry the DIVA factor...ahem jokes hehe!!

LIterature corner..! (for all you budding journo's)


Hi this thread is for all you budding journo's out there,if you have done a piece for a newspaper,magazine,university,school,or for fun,post it on this thread,its always cool to read literacy from my people,and to get a different insight on a topic,story,or experience..!!! there is no set subject,it can be about absolutely anything,factual,drama,comedy,life experience,tragedy,a review,i look forward to reading future post's..!!

heres a couple i wrote pertaining to the Ms Guyana debut in london,i wrote for the Ms world/Ms Guyana franchise for the organizer Ken Chung,and next thing i knew the Guyana Chronicle..were asking me to do a piece for them...although admittedly they edited it soo much,when i turned my head 2/3rds of the piece was chopped out grrrr,butchered it,but i think any artisan would say that hehe,anyway hope you enjoy the piece..!!

A taste of home...

Paul U-Ming on Dessia’s London bash
In the prestigious Kensington area of London two Saturdays ago, Dessia Braithwaite was feted and showered with love by Guyanese as she heads for Miss World in Poland.

The event was the annual Dinner and Dance put on by the Miss Guyana World organisation.

The food was fantastic. I wish I had a bigger appetite on the night, as I felt I could not give the cuisine the attentiveness it truly merited. Unfortunately due to my present diet regime my belly had shrunk!
The dishes were varied, but traditional - from the sweet aroma of pepper pot, to the rustic but tender bite size chunks of garlic pork, channa, salted-fish, curried mutton, stewed chicken, followed by a variety of deserts.

The company was pleasant and the live acts made for an entertaining evening

First up was internationally known exciting talent Fatz President. He is an extremely graceful man and his three numbers touched the audience like a velvet glove and left me with a smile.

Next was Jamaican born internationally acclaimed reggae superstar Donna Marie, whose sweet soulfulness warmed the embers of my spirit like fine rum,
The final artiste was Anja, all the way from Copenhagen Denmark, known throughout Europe extensively for her television and festival appearances. This lady was a real live wire, a fiery mix, full of beans. I was very impressed with her energy and passion that she put into her songs. It was a dynamic performance,

I felt a little under-dressed at first, as my memory of the last function I attended was a little more informal. However this year the stops were pulled out. Everyone, barring myself, looked real dapper.

The High Commissioner, Laleshwar Singh and his wife honoured us with their presence for the whole event.

Overall the evening was a total success, and credit must be given to Ken Chung in making light of a difficult task in organizing such a prestigious event. Well done Ken.

Other guests of the evening were contestants of the Miss T&T UK pageant.

Written by Paul U-Ming

Chivalrous Guyana!

by Paul U-Ming

Chivalrous Guyana! Friday the 25TH of August 2006, was the reception Gala for MS Guyana 2006 winner Dessia Braithwaite.The stage was set in an old Georgian period building in the extremely prestigious Bayswater area of London,overlooking Princess Diana's old residence,which was a very apt setting for the evening ahead! I arrived a little early to the bustle of the organiser still preparing the finishing touches to what seemed an official Gala of the highest order.

I was greeted by Carl Brown Abrams, P.R. man for his Excellency the High Commissioner,an extremely welcoming man whom organised the internal production with the strategic precision of a general!

The buffet and bar was well laid out, and was a fusion of guyanese and high tea finger food,accompanied by attentive service.

As the guests arrived into the reception area,the noise and laughter rose,as if a pandora's box of fun and happiness had been opened,reminiscent of those Guyanese partys I went to as a child. Then, the crowd parted as this exotic vision of beauty entered the reception chamber and stood in front of us. It was Ms Guyana winner 2006 Dessia Braithwaite. She was wearing a white gown of glittering diamantes,that classically fitted around her perfect form,and complimented her radiant complexion!

Everyone,including myself this time, was well turned out and had worn their Sunday Best. The audience was greeted by first secretary to his Excellency the High Commissioner, Mr Michael Brotherson. The man has a smile wider than the Essiquibo River, and the warmth of the carribean sun. He introduced His Excellency who spoke with charm, eloquence and humour. His Excellency stated that he was certain Miss Guyana was sure to emulate the success of the West Indies cricket team, in the Miss World arena.

Ken Chung was then introduced. He greeted everyone and thanked them all for coming and supporting the event. This is the guy who makes it all happen and pulls it all together. Without his consistent hard work and meticulous planning, the gala, and all efforts with regard to the Ms Guyana World franchise, would not be as huge a success as it's been year after year. Once again, job well done Ken.

The best was definitely saved 'til last. Ms Braithwaite in all her glory took to the mic.She also thanked everyone for attending,and for their support. She spoke of her hopes and aspirations,as i aspired to position myself closer to her, ahem, purely for journalistic reasons you understand.

After the introductions the honored guests and audience mingled. The atmosphere was friendly and festive,equivical to a mini-carnival. As the evening came to a close it was time for the raffle. For me it represented what Guyanese people are all about. It was the only raffle I had ever seen where the winners relinquished their prizes for the womenfolk to win. The men looked smart,proud,full of posture,and jokes! They displayed a chivalry that was a pure joy to watch,as only the Guyanese could do it, with such natural off the cuff style and pizzaz!!, It was a great night,with lots of beauty and happiness.

.My thanks to His Excellency the High Commissioner and his team, Ken Chung, Dessia Braithwaite,and all of you back home who voted for her. well this is Paul U-Ming your London based correspondent for the Guyanese Community signing off, Long live Guyanese chivalry!

Written by Paul U-Ming..

Hi Brothers and Sister!!

My apologies for being absent a year,but i was trying an experiment,that took 100% focus,you see last year was year of the Rat,my chinee animal sign,to be precise a water rat,well it comes only every 12 years.
I waited a long time for my turn to come,and i charged at it like Beyonce on a shopping spree,i left no rock unturned,and no opportunity left wanting for an invitation,
did i get lucky based on my zodiac position,did Buddha hear my cry and say to me let there be light,
I don't know ,depends on how philosophical i look at it,i think cause i attacked life with such gregariousness that i seemed busier than the year before,did i benefit straight away for my efforts ,no not really,however due to the effort made last year,this year things seem to be falling into place,and the way has been paved in definitive paths,there has been times i have tried my best and fallen short of my benchmark set,but last year i done my best and some days i would make a step forward,other days take 2 steps back,but due to being dogged in the pursuit of evolution,i believe Buddha rewarded my efforts with a little bit of luck along the way..!!

Written by Paul U-Ming..

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Ancestory thread !!


The Ming Family..!!

From the interviews ive read from Margery Kirkpatrick with regard to the artifacts that she has looked after,and the mannerisms and tradition she upholds,indicates to an enthusiast of Chinese heritage that the Ming and associated family's stem from the Manchu Dynasty,the phoenix platter for starters why,well the symbol of the phoenix would only be made by order of the emperor to have in the possession such an item,meant it was either given or stolen,but to be able to be within arms length of such an item,you would have had to work and lived in the Forbidden City,and to have worked and lived there you would have carried some clout in that period,Margery kirkpatrick also covets the comb and see's chosen visitors from behind a veiled screen,thats a tradition of regality,she interviewed the last elder that took passage on the Chapman in 1861,the fact that Loo Shee's feet were wrapped,of which her shoes are preserved to this day,reaffirms my suspicions,maybe ive put 2 and 2 together and gotten 6,Perhaps i watched "Curse of the Golden Flower" too many times hehe,but our ancestor fled with no hope of return to the motherland,safeguarding these artifacts.on arrival,if i was to hazard a real crazy guess,i believe that Loo Shee was a lower ranking wife to the emperor of china,the emperor prior to the last emperor of china,i believe she held beauty beyond all compare at the time (that would explain why the Ming ladies are such beauty's tee hee),and that the no1 wife felt threatened by her (she is the horrible cow that dies at the beginning of the film The Last Emperor of China),and did not want to take chance on the influence that Loo Shee may have had on the emperor,and one way or another set out to do away with her and her children our direct ancestors,she fled with whatever she could carry,i don't believe that the artifacts were stolen,cause someone knows more than me,and would not uphold tradition that was not merited :) .How do i feel about it ,well a bit of pride ,mystery lol,no shame in being part of the Manchu legacy,as they held the title of reigning champ of China for the longest term,although we all or most have seen the movie Last Emperor of China,today it has not much bearing in the motherland anymore,as we know how the story ended,there are still recorded ancestors of the last emperor alive to this day,maybe we could get a D.N.A. test to see our compatibility lol,doubtful as possibly even if it were true,the impact it may have on China today is to be top billin on a gossip column,lol,in all honesty it doesn't matter to me,wether gran was a princess,or a humble farmer,call me a madman i look at her picture almost everyday,and ive met aunts uncles grandparents that have come after her,but hold affection for her that is as strong as those ive known,and would reach out to her as i would them,i love ya gran,in my heart you will always be my hero..x

Welcome Brother's & Sister's


Just wanna say welcome to all of you,and well without you there would be no group,doesn't matter what the combo is its all callaloo..funny for a lot of my brethren in the Caribbean,you all had each other,me well i kinda been on my own lol,not many like us over here,cept for the few family i got,i quote my own poetry i guess, "i stood alone unique an island,but not no more as your my mainland", whats that mean,means i don't expect anything cept to hear you and be heard,to be amongst my own,that brings out the best in me,what is our common ground is the best of me,i say that with no shame,not one ounce of embarrassment,i am,we are no longer "The lost children of China",we will be,we are the pioneers of china,for china to take over the world for such a thing to happen,the world would be just like us brothers and sisters,fact is the motherland doesn't have enough women to be able to do it on their own,they would have to get callaloo'd up like we are lol,we evolved as a creed faster than acceptance,but times are changing,where the motherland falters we do not,we have diversity communication,flexibility,
creativity as our tools,while they mostly stumble in the dark moving only for purpose,not yet sure on how to talk to each other, let alone people from differant races,we beg to differ,how do i know,well my baby mother is from HK,imy tenants are from Macao,the guy who sells me my dvds is from fukien,i surrounded myself with chinee,more than carrib chinee from a kid to a man,as bein born in London,i kinda looked to the motherland for direction,aswell as Guyana,i see where they falter,i see it with my own kinda inlaws,from my tenant who is learning many a lesson from the west,as we speak :),they can sit in a room for hours,and at times days,and not a word be spoken,but not out of discipline or some crazy shoalin meditation,out of the lack of words or imagination to laugh,or create,there is exception,but for the mass,this is the norm,yep we sure do have a serious side also,but put 2 of us in a room and you will hear laughter (im laughin as i say it,infact just put 1 in a room and you will hear laughter hehe),why am i sayin all of this some of you may think,im sayin this cause if i stand up and shout to the heavens our worth from now,maybe we can get the ball rolling,maybe the youngers will hear us,and momentum of our beauty,our wit,and our strength will rain down on this planet,that the gods will never forget,we come from the strong the survivors,atomic bombs couldnt kill us,why is that,cause when many of our ancestors colleagues reached these strange shores in the West Indies that were alien to them,many commit suicide,jumped off cliffs, overdosed on opium,didnt last the course,we who come from the survivors,we denied death,we adapted,assimilated,maybe we lost a lil of who we were,but gained something differant,im not so arrogant to say something better,but bold enough to say it made us strong,dont misunderstand me,when china was poor i was there no1 fan,now that they are doing well,im still their no1 fan lol,and always will be,and will always look to our cousins and the motherland for direction, but if they were a lil more open minded and a lil more generous of spirit,what would take them a 100 yrs,could be done in 50 years..they are my cousins,but you are my brothers and sisters for all of time....Brother Ming..!!

Caribbean Chinese poetry corner..!!


The Wong Won & Ming Collaboration

Titled: Carnival..!

People dance people smile,
Colorful and full of style,
Steel drum giratin bum,
Sippin on some trini rum,
Floats pass by crowd is chearin,
Visually it is so pleasin,
Early dawnin juvea maarnin,
Panorama steel drum callin,
Powdered head mask on face,
Goin at calypso pace,
Da panorama at Queens Park Savanah,
Whinin in all kind of manner,
Soca monarch winner named,
Money trophy gal and fame..!!

Titled: House with Face.!

House with face that looks at me,
Big bay eyes that oversee,
Life that passes by each day,
House with face that looks and prays,
House with face that looks in shock,
Open mouthed that time has locked,
House with face all wise and knowing,
Empathetic warm and glowing,
Shadows dance upon the roof,
Tree so proud almost aloof,
House with face just sits un riled,
I swear that house with face just smiled..!!

Titled: Caribbean Courtship..!

Batty movin ground is shakin,
Man look like he salivatin,
Teasing eyes bit lip joy,
She pretendin she is coy,
He don't believe by way she groovin,
The epitome of what is soothin,
Fancy dress made to impress,
Draws in closer to caress,
People all around is lookin,
Watchin what their dance is cookin,
Big wide grin above she chin,
As the hips move closer in,
Love forever or fair weather,
Possibly a moments pleasure..!!

Titled: Collector of Souls..!!

Soca child free and wild,
Rhythm section sweet temptation,
Hell's gate opens to hot reception,
Satan's band pitchfork in hand,
Entice the souls where sit the damned,
Enchanting painted and relentless,
Soca children offer no repentance,
Bookman tally's up the sins,
Three headed beast sucks them in,
Lost in tempo forged in flame,
Yellow Devil they be named,
Biscuit tin and bottles spin,
The nocturnal apparitions din,
Flambeau burnin da obia's workin,
The Dutty Mass spell is lurkin ..!!

Titled: Devil Love..!!

Three devils appeared outside of my window,
Two were together and one their amigo,
Moonlight blue poised and demure,
Imps of the night they certainly were,
Clasping hands and doux doux in their eyes,
The flower of love had materialized,
I never knew hell could create such emotion,
Or that Lucifer's helpers hearts could be broken,
Soul mates eternal eons surpassed,
A blue devil marriage forever will last,
Best man at the front smiles warmly to greet you,
But don't be a fool as they may well just eat you,
Tender and gentle their love is displayed,
Is what my eyes told me as i stood and purveyed.

Titled: House of Tranquility..!!

Carlos street Port of Spain,
The Gingerbread House is internationally acclaimed,
Close to the harbor and downtown,
Once upon entry you will lose any frown,
Rosemary's friendly very attentive,
Bernadette's polite and well presented,
Ambiance charm and colonial remnants,
This impression is left when your quotin your sentiment,
Lawn chairs tables hut tub and pool,
You feel like a child with a day off from school,
Mornin chatter quality time,
Home away from home where the sun always shine,
Cooling spacious lush potted ferns,
Architecture of beauty on arrival you'll learn,
Safe and secure when you nestle in your cradle,
cause customer care,and service is their label..!!

Titled: Pandemonium..!!

Pandemonium devil revelers,
Frenzied feast for demonic beasts,
In God's image man was made,
Lucifer fathered imp born babes,
Compelled to watch the carnal eruption,
Their the devils weapon of mas seduction,
Like rainbow embers on display,
Captivating full of play,
Euphoric worship at hells alter,
Not since the day of Sodom and Gomorrah,
After the storm there must be calm,
Flockin home like locust swarm,
So if you follow the masquerade,
Tomorrow will be the devil to pay..!!

Titled: Love at First Sight.!

Hair stretches down her back, every movement with design,
It seems as if the whole world stops,and gives way every time,
Her skin brown like shuga,and smile that flames the sun,
Eyes as deep as mother earth,that helps the sea breeze come,
I could love her with all my heart,and all my years i'd spend,
To stay with her forever more,right down to the end,
My soul is just an open book,left there to be read,
Without her i could not live,without love i'd be dead,
I do not need much woman,only one i find will do,
I give my heart so openly,i may come across a fool,
Make no mistake a fool not i,i know the path i walk,
From many mouth of a fool,you hear a wise man talk...!

Titled: Auntee..!!

I glance at my elders still youthful full of sprite,
I always wondered to myself how their skin looked oh so tight,
I guess for me its goto be the exotic tropic genes,
Is why they have demeanor of attractive carrib queens,
There full of fun and sas with grace beyond compare,
Guaranteed to keep you on your toes,regardless of their year,
I stand in awe in worship to the elders of my clan,
I always say hey auntee im your no 1 fan,
I kiss a cheek give plenty hugs and ask whats that ya cookin,
And hope that when i reach their age im half as good lookin,
They give me plate of peppered steak,and roti on the side,
When the sweet ting touch my palate is when i feel most alive,
It's time to close the curtain on this lil scene i offer,
I need to buy some coco-butter or my rass will surely suffer..!

Titled: I know she..!!

I see a girl i used to love,
Shy and sweet fit like a glove,
She looks away like she don't see me,
Eyes cast down so not to meet me,
She with she friends they stand there smilin,
Her head hung down i think she cryin,
Stuck to floor my jaw wide open,
But not a single word be spoken,
Memory's when we lay together,
Rose petaled beds lasting forever,
Never thought our love be severed,
Til you left to taste life's pleasure's,
I got one kid you got two,
Part of me still loves you,
Too late for love to be renewed,
Boi life can be so very cruel..!

Titled: Sweet Dumplin..!!

My sweet caribb dumplin,
Why you mek mens heart be jumpin,
Cause you smell like sugard plantaiin,
And look like cherubs frontin,
Man looks in temptation,but ya need dat chinee patience,
To mek the gal be racin,
For sweet lyrics you be acein,
My sweet caribb dumplin my poem must be endin,
Mans heart is for the takin,
When faced with such sweet tastin..!!

Titled: Temptress..!!

Da King Imp's temptress has no redemption,
Bacchanal with bad intention,
Mesmerized enslaved your mind,
Encarceration is all you'll find,
Puppet master at the rear,
Pulls the strings of your fears,
Winds you in like fish on hook,
Before you know it you been took,
Souccouyants are wrapped around you,
Engulfed in King Imps cosmic voodoo,
Bol face brazen and hell raisin,
Throw dem waist and look amazin.
Tantalize and hypnotize,
Sacred dance for mortal eyes,
Cause once the sacraments in motion,
You will give the devil your full devotion..!!

Titled: Sunday Morning.!

Building old building strong,
Standing tall from dusk til dawn,
If walls could talk a novel spoken,
Instead of whispers as a token,
Hallowed halls darkened windows,
Steeple tops proud strong and regal,
Brick is cast from strongest rock,
Built to shepherd a holy flock,
Outlast tree man or grass,
A Trini church is built to last,
Sat on stool i look around,
How many must have stood same ground,
Song n praise seeking salvation,
The spirits finding absolution,
Sat on stool but not alone,
The ghostly past lets me know,
Talk to them talk to god,
A touch of madness like king George,
The spirits laugh a tale is added,
For the walls to log and manage..!

Titled: SOUR N SWEET..!!

My wifey she love me,she always try she best,
When me see gyal wid more beauty,
Its the inside thats a mess,
Ya see inner beauty is the highest prize i seek,
When i weigh up all the pros and cons,
Wifey has them truly beat,
She pick up all da pieces wid no cussin or complaint,
She strive to create miracles,where other mortals feint,
Without she i be nuttin,as i speak my eyes do water,
My life would be so very low,
I'd be like lamb to slaughter,
Anyhow i not mention bout all her faults she carry,
Cause she gave me loads of valium the night before we marry,
Me na know what she do to me,ma head all giddy blurred,and bound,
Da next ting me remember its the weddin band me found,
She go and see da obia woman to put a curse on me,
So wen me look at other binni,
Ma mind go blank ya see,
She da one ma heart desire she da one fer me,
When da preacher tell we "say i do",
Forever it will be...!!!

Titled: Friendship..!!

My friends are like grains of sand,
The true ones I can count on hand,
There very few and far between,
But to the death they go for me,
Many faces I have known,
But none compare to ones I hold,
Closest to my heart and mind,
Will be with me for all of time,
Memories of bein young,
Swaggering like backstreet bums,
Many lessons left to learn,
Plenty youth left to burn,
Spinning coin takin chance,
had no time for much romance,
Cheeky lil bastads be,
How different the old Paul is from me,
I liked the guys that we once were,
But thank the gods they be no more,
As men before you here today,
Sincerity is the hand we play,
Truth directness covets me,
Clock is ticking upon me,
So take me for my word when said,
Go and lime you soon be dead..!!

Titled: Daydreamer..!!

Skin like honeysuckle eyes curious and kind,
Spent the weekend with you in my thoughts and in my mind,
My heart skips a beat as you have many a quality,
If i cast aside your beauty its your maturity,
Goin back to your beauty as only the blind could truly miss,
Cause if their eyes were able they would long for just one kiss,
Winter dreams summer song pale in contented peace,
With your arms embraced around me sent to slumber my inner beast,
So many words come to mind so much i would like to say,
I harness my emotion so you do not fly away,
As a bounty beyond my reach purveyed from afar,
Is much more inspirational than the night filled with stars,
Face so full of happiness your smile warms the soul,
If garden grew upon my heart the sun would never go,
With scent so sweet blossom trees bow on bended branch,
Immortal gods would walk the earth to come and sing n dance,
If i was an immortal god it was my title claimed,
Then mortality i would choose to be with you again,
Moon lite sky's rippled tides lady of the lake,
Enchanted dreams and smokey scenes my heart and soul you take,
Albeit my poem is a daydream of my soul,
Words so sweet my muse you be the rhymes forever flow...!!

Titled: Naval Explosion..!

Babaash goes down my throat and doesn't touch the side,
I goto do marrico but pachanga's more my style,
Suck me nose does bote and nearly took me eye out,
I tell he wind your nose in or your teeth will surely fly out,
Fireman's the engine room of the bachaanal,
Cause every year you see dem dingolay with many gal,
King sailor gives majestic wave like navel royalty,
Although he lookin rather giddy he do da crab with ease,
English French and Flourbag are staple for da mas,
When alcohol dun lick dem head dey behave a lil crass,
Red hair sailor camel walks through the Woodbrook streets,
Addin to the carnivals volcanic steelpan heat,
My favourite of the melee has goto be headmask,
Cause when he jammin down the road the crowd does move their rass..!!

Titled: The Green Demon..!!

If the devil had a face i think it would be green,
I know he be prolific in that gunja smokin scene,
The dark master grins every time you take a pull,
His face lights up like christmas tree as your realing on your stool,
Disciple of that leafy green smoke filled incantation,
Sent to slumber on a nest of harmonious sedation,
Unfortunate for poets few succumb to his creation,
The doorway opens to devils boudoir to offer inspiration,
So if you see some magic in the poetry you read,
You know the devils touched it with that chocolate smelling weed..!!

Titled: Small change..!!

I look for some change but my pockets are empty,
Cause i've lived a life of someone thats carefree,
Never have i saved or worked hard and slaved,
Head in the clouds i daydream all day,
Dreams that ill win the lucky lotto,
Opportunity will knock has been my motto,
Fist full of dollars im holding the fast buck,
Cheek often kissed by my mistress lil lady luck,

Hey son is that why you stand all alone,
Hand in your pocket cant afford a snow cone,
Do you not think that ive looked at every angle,
My dreams are forgotten slain and been mangled,
Go ahead be the cat that licked at the cream,
Its ok to have goals and magnificent dreams,
Many times i have seen the same plan be flawed,
But remember the hard road has the sweetest reward..!!

Titled: The Devil Rocks..!!

If the devil had a rock band called "Satanic Collision",
Souls would que round the block just to get an audition,
Wild crazy eccentric bohem's,
Their souls were for sale and to the devil they sold them,
To play on the stage in the pit of Hades,
Beelzebub idol to infinity they appease,
They take to the stage and their outta sight,
Cause when they rock the mic they rock the mic right,
Devil applauds as he sits on his Harley,
Nobody ever knew he was a music Svengali..!!

Titled The Reminder..!!

Yes i am old but i can still have some fun,
Dancin all day in the heat of the sun,
Carnival costumes i have kept over years,
Represent joy and a few tears,
Memory's of happiness outweigh the bad,
Of carnival's past and good times i had,
Memory's of tragic romantic regret,
Where the odds were against me and i placed the wrong bet,
Testament to time that im still adored,
That my million dollar smile will not be ignored,
To make a mistake is ok to do,
But to never have learned you'll be labeled a fool,
Heart full of love nature so soft,
The words that I spend,
Represent a white dove,
Spirits so low cannot help but spread cheer,
To help them forget of their sorrowful tear,
Tears of the past tears of the present,
Easing the soul of pent up resentment,
So dry up your face put on a smile,
Don’t be downhearted you got plenty of style,
Chase your dream do not despair,
The most scariest thing is only fear,
With fear you can work with it can push you to hustle,
With the abyss in your sights life can be a big tussle,
So come and read passage when doubts in your mind,
Cause im always here to give you remind,
So fight for your need and make your stand,
Dig in your heels fulfill the demand,
Aim for the heavens inspite of how far,
Im certain of which you will atleast grab a star…!!

Titled: The Collaboration..!!

Bookman Satan and the Beast,
Collaborate for soul food peace,
Satan's not to good at math,
But the soul accountant's skooled at that,
When the three meet once a year,
Trinidad is full of fear,
Eager to suppress the hunger,
Satan's face is looking somber,
Bookman stands reciting sin,
Beast says hurry im starving,
Thunder crackles on souls with shackles,
Hells ambassador's laugh and cackle,
So grab your plate and pitchfork,
Hells kitchen's open says the soucouyant..!!

Titled: Path I Walk..!!

The path i walk is my own,
I've walked with you but felt alone,
The time has come for us to part,
I take with me this time my heart,
You choose your path and ill choose mine,
Price i paid for yours for time,
Path i chose you ignore,
Pretend that moss has grown on floor,
Hostage held no longer be,
Man woman or child will not hold me,
Freedom waits with sun and sea,
Bastard child of hell i be,
Paths we walk were pre-told,
Destined from the days of old,
Ignored the signs done our best,
Our story will change but never rest,
The door is open for you to come,
But here you sit with hand on gun,
One day i think that you may come,
But wager not its a 1000-1....!!

Titled: Home in the sun..!!

Jade is a precious stone that is my greatest treasure,
She is my lil daughter that bring me so much pleasure,
She puts a smile on my face that non on earth can match,
The minute Jade was born i had an itch i could not scratch,
I fell in love at first sight the minute that i held her,
A tear rolled down my cheek cause god himself had sent her,
She looked like me but more chinee pretty as a peach,
The answer to all creation laid there at my feet,
God slapped me up on my face then kicked me in the heart,
And told me if i let her down my soul be ripped apart,
Many lessons have i learn't from having been a dad,
Understanding patience humility were not so hard or bad,
I stay my hand do not fold until the time is right,
Cause although i made an angel,i still can have a life,
To the sun one day i go not too far away,
And in the cold where north wind blows the dark clouds surely stay,
Don't offer me no sympathy cause soon i reach my goal,
No more will i pay penance in this land i once called home,
My life is in the sun my destiny is calling,
Away from shores of England the time is nearly dawning,
Do not fear my daughter not abandoned or forgotten,
I make a new beginning for when England has turned rotten.

Titled: The Seeds of Dreams..!!

What future do the seeds of dreams branch out in life's design,
Some wilt some grow i watch life's show of which i am resigned,
Avid watcher of the chaos take stock of what i see,
Went to school at hard knock high where i gained a P.H.D.,
Scented dreams so sweet like trees where blossoms have surely grown,
Nurtured by the soil thats used and where the seed is sewn,
so HARK! hear out my cry let thine ears not be deceived,
If thou covet thy neighbors property the Good Lord wont be pleased,
Champion of the bullied downtrodden misjudged masses,
Content merit tips my scales and not what are your assets,
So dream away let no expense determine where you peak,
As you never know... you may just find... the treasure that you seek..!!

Titled: Father Time..!!

I gaze at a painting that is so compelling,
A moment that is captured that i find extremely telling,
I stare at the painting all seeing like father time,
People i can almost touch i think that its a sign,
A moment of historics for lay folk like us,
Immortalized on canvas while we turn to dust,
Mothers daughters fathers and son's,
To listen to their story you may need some rum,
Unwavered determined standing with pride,
Presented by artist with no shame to hide,
The tales's been told since mother nature gave birth,
How fragile and precious our time here on earth..!!

Titled: Nightchild..!!

The cloak of Orpheus shrouding the night,
Protecting its children from the sunlight,
Joyful the nightchild that drum skips and sings,
Mirth to the joyless legion will bring,
Dance macabre devils debut,
Minions rally as he draws into view,
Glorious homage accolade presented,
Ceremony of the wretched depraved and tormented,
Souls spilling from chalice frontish behavior,
Don't look to the master to be your savior,
The Midas touch the devil bestows,
Gifted to you until you grow old,
The debt to be paid is your damnation,
Succumb to the embrace of the satanic persuasion,
A gilded lover of tempestuous passion,
Of which you will never be given a ration,
So follow the trail of ungodly rabble,
But sign on the line before you go travel..!!

Titled: The Flower Arranger.!!

Lotus blossom lotus blossom,
Why ya taste so sweet,
I could yam you all day and night,
Til i gain your heart to keep,
You twist and turn and moan n groan,
From all the moves i make,
When me finish yam your lotus,
Your blossom sure to break!!

(you can decide )

Titled: The Seven Deadly Sins..!!

Lust Gluttony Greed Sloth Wrath Envy and Pride,
Are the seven sins sent to take man for a ride,
Be not lead astray to the tree of forbidden fruit ,
Cause if you scratch the surface you will find a deadly root,
Lucifer sits with bowl searching souls for requisition,
Eager to challenge man and his fragile disposition,
Grand in demeanor with a sweetened silver tongue,
A spellbinding aura only second to one,
The fallen rebel army awaiting his command,
They do there sires bidding with just a gesture of his hand,
If i could say a prayer to Lucifer and God,
I would ask them to end the war and let my plea not be ignored,
Tears roll down my face let my cry fly high like bird,
AS melodic as an angels horn so that i can be heard,
Admittedly the design is beyond my capabilities,
I do not understand and it will remain for me a mystery,
But if my plea gives pause albeit for just a second,
Then there has to be some merit to my prayer that soars and beckons..!!

Caribbean Chinee Poetry:

Titled: Merry Birthday

Happy Birthday merry xmas,
two prezzies in one,
you may get a plane a car or some sun,
take your time slowly,
enjoy every minute,
if you get just a card,
you may have to bin it,
smile and watch with eyes open wide,
im sure you will get quite a surprise,
but most of all be happy and true,
cause everyone's there just to see you....!

Titled: Daughter.!!

when you came my whole life changed,
it was horrific,fantastic,disgusting,and pained,
i watched you born it made me queezy,
but from that day i want you near me,
i see you grow big n strong,
beautiful like maarnin dawn,
i hold you close when your a babe,
my heart will always be your slave,
you make me melt like butter milk,
when i see your smile as soft as silk,
god made man in his image,
when i made you i could not envisage,
that the bounty i did find,
was one i could not leave behind,
i sit in room i sit alone,
i hear you laugh and play trombone,
and when you come to wrestle me,
i let you get me on bended knee,
and twist my finger hard as you like,
and pretend to fear you with much fright
but inside i smile with delight,
i watch you sleep,you look like me,
i place your blankets over thee,
i sweep your brow,i lay a kiss,
examine your face so i do not miss,
the moment that we come to share,
although you lay there unaware,
is one i place in my heart and soul,
eternal no matter where i go..

Titled: Great Grandmother..

we stare at your picture, never knowing we exist,
our heart beats a hundred fold,
in our heart your always missed,
your beauty is a testament,
to all that come from thee,
it goes to prove to look at us,
the fruit falls near the tree,
for if we knew you truly,
our efforts be unbound,
to make you laugh and giggle,
would be a treasured sound,
i take my leave grandmother,
to the life i see,
but in my heart soul and mind,
you will forever be...!!!

Titled: Callabash..!!

i look at some old photos,
callabash was then in fashion,
don't come near me with no coconut,
my hair don't need no mashin,
i goto say its not my taste ,
please don't impose dem tings,
cause it seems for goodness sake,
its the curse of the old skool Mings,
my hair is long don't need no trim,
it keeps me warm up in the wind,
but put de coconut pon me head,
i would rather wish that i was dead,
thank the lord that times have changed,
no longer do the kids get maimed,
but do not cast cut eye on me,
cause ill cut down that damn coconut tree..

Titled: Callaloo...

chinee people everywhere,
chinee callaloo is much more rare,
were unique talented resourceful and sweet,
when people come across we they are swept off their feet,
our women brim with beauty,and men full of lyrics,
when we walk pon road we look like godly spirits,
were strong tough,people find us so compellin,
once they have a taste of we,their soul be ours for sellin,
cause we angelic don't mean we have no bite,
were just more clever at hiding it from your eyesight,
cause if you dare to cross we,you will know you've had a fight,
ca you end up in intensive care,head feelin light,
but if we care to kiss your brow,and give you all our love you see,
the hunny dew scent of we,can captivate infinitely,
our picney look like cherubs,their a wonder a delight,
you tek one look upon da pram,your mesmerized for life,
if you have callaloo in your home,take care of it,and never moan,
ca if they ever leave your lair,your home will be forever bear,
as once you tasted from da pot,you will never ever want to stop,and only way that will be,is if you leave this world you see,
anyway its time to roll,and grace mere mortals feelin low,
and if we get a chance to meet,for you im sure it will be a treat...!!

Titled: Da Gym...

i sit on the ab-bench purveyin da gym,
nuff wannabe muscle man frequently come in,
dey stand around gazin in da mirror,
pick up smally dumbells,hopin to get thinner,
all dey train is bicep n chest,
three times per wk and neglect da rest,
but its da size 43 inch waist dem cant supress,
is why dem truly look a mess,
when dem pick a big weight up,me eyes start smartin,
ca de yam so much food dem batty keep fartin,
it stink sooo bad it nearly knock me off me perch,
im sorry i cant help it but my tongue must get cuurt,
i have to tell dem please S.T.O.P. with urgency,
then suggest that they go get some implant surgery,
ca it be money and time better spent,
and in there heart they will be more content,
than to have a stink up batty that has murderus intent,
i tell them dont drink protien shakes,amino acid,and creatine,
ca if your batty carry on your pants will look obscene,
they turn and smile and look at me, in sincere disbelief,
and have a cheek to tell me dem carry spare sets of brief,
i get off from me perch and goto to leave da gym,
i hear one of the wannabe ask me to spot him,
i turn run and say NO WAY a gas mask me nah bring!!

Titled: Family..

Hatchetts buried from the past,
i truly dont give a rasss,
twice i felt that death would take me,
thought that accidant would break me,
but here i stand for all to see,
with wit and mind too charm thee,
my sentiment has been inspired,
as your company has been required,
for fun n laughs,and NO sadness,
only joy and my gladness,
that you came and saw a differance,
without those chains of indifferance,
i stood alone unique an island,
but not no more,as your my mainland,
if i can learn from my daughter,
a lesson from you will bring me laughter,
and if you choose not to come,
its ok when my time is done,
for when my soul must truly part,
a thought for you is in my heart.....!!

Titled: The Journey

We came across the ocean from the motherland,
to a place they called Guyana the alleged promised land,
where our ancestors decided they had to make a stand,
they worked and strived for better lives,invested in themselves,
waited with great patience until their lives were theirs,
they saved every penny,storing it in their wallet,
waited for the time to come to start a business that would rocket,
many died commit suicide as the land was strange and far,
but its we who come from the strong ,we could survive atomic bomb,
the reason being its destiny,for us the children to all be,
i give my thanks i pay my tribute,for the bloodline they have given,
ill do my best to meet the test of the ambition that had them driven,
but don't be disappointed if you think my life i waste,
as we all have different talents that emerge in different ways,
i stare at the pictures of my family of old,
and look to the heavens trying to reach out to their souls,
i swear to god they hear me,but cannot speak their thoughts,
except that they are watching we and are always in their hearts..!!

Titled: A Time for Sleep..!

its tme for me to go to bed,
my eyes are feelin just like lead,
my bed is callin dreams await,
the clock tells me its gettin late,
ill dream of you in my sleep,
of love one day that we may reap,
cherubs fly above my head,
angels not or id be dead,
i know the differance from the two,
as one is chubby and looks like you,
its wings are small just like sparrow,
with bow in hand and drawing arrow,
i know my dream be sweet for me,
so i take my leave hastily,
too close my eyes and drift away,
and lyric you another day,
that day will be soon enough,
as through my poems you'll find love..!!

Titled. Oh my Lord..!

Oh my lord what a figure that this gal does carry,
with a face that equals scented rose this one id love to marry,
her jeans are tight what a sight for all the world to see,
for her in hand throughout the land men go on bended knee,
my eyes compelled to look on her drawn in with no control,
i walk around all year round holding mistletoe,
in my mind i realize its all just fantasy,
but if you roam to my endz, be sure to visit me,
coco brown is the color of her satin skin,
if a man you love forsakes you,pleeeaaase come see Paul U-Ming..

Titled: Interview..!

i walk in life misunderstood by ppl in this land,
no matter how hard i try to hide what they think i am,
they look at me hastily passing judgment where i stand,
but if they truly knew me they would see a better man,
they see an uncouth long hair who looks ready for a fight,
who shouts n swears breaks things up whose mind is full of spite,
not white nor airs and graces no ego do i present,
often has me wonderin why the white middle classes resent,
i make myself look softer small in disposition,
i can sense that they feel uncomfortable by my intuition,
and hope that i would disappear like david blane the magician,
thank god i made contingencies so i have no sword of Damocles,
i know my mind can rest at ease,and that their pride i need not appease,
so i thank you for the interview,its time for me to bid adieu,
i make my way back to the train,trudging through the pouring rain,
i get back to my area code,thank the lord my souls not sold,
cause if that job been mine today in time it would be the devil to pay..!!

Titled: Winter dreams..!

Floating rivers silver reeds,
water sparkles like diamond beads,
fish so plump and living life,
never knowing any strife,
cool night breeze and radiant moon,
eternal peace will play like tune,
sleepy slumber willows bow,
with no anger on their brow,
river banks crisp brown leaves,
winter comes like children s dreams,
foxes play on roaming meadows,
north wind blows twists and bellows,
rabbits bounce like angelic sprites,
they glow like effervescent lights,
winterland is place for peace,
creativeness arrives with ease,
set in mind not carved in stone,
its my escape from daily drone,
i float away in my head,
to a land there is no dread,
soft and tranquil like father time,
allows me to find winter rhyme,
poem ending return to task,
of where ive been my face must mask...!

Titled: Yum Cha..! (Imagine the woman from kung fu hustle the mamma son)


YO.. I wanna go fer dim sum,
Last time we went me never did get none,
Because.. ya gobble it all up,
All ya left me with was an empty sticky rice wrap,
And when.. I turned ma head,
I looked back again da Ho Fun was dead,
Cha Siu.. I shout “GIVE IT TO ME”,
Ya give me the 1 inch punch faster than Bruce Lee,
I said mercy.. Ya gotta give me sumting,
Carry on like this and im gonna start cryin,
Peking.. Duck is on the way,
I think to myself with this ba po (biatch) i cant play,
Wave my.. chopsticks in her direction,
You get in my way you will analy retain dem,
She slapped me.. like a gung fu si-fu,
I start to think Wong Fei Hong was her pupil,
Inner thoughts tell me i need a new plan,
I call the waiter over and tell him fidey mai dan (quick bring da bill) !!

Titled: Lost in music..!

I pick up guitar I don’t play that well,
Everybody tells me it’s an audio hell,
For me its for fun my meditation,
Helps me in not needing any medication,
I play my music to my salvation,
Although I be a victim of public retaliation,
Guitar in hand I cant help my perspiration,
Cause of all my neighbours’ anticipation,
I see them protest outside my door,
I say get lost or ill play some more,
They come into my face and start to get mean,
I turn up my amp and blow them off the scene,
Their pants end up looking like a latrine,
With my rendition of the reflections of Holt,
Their hair fell out like they had been hit by lightning bolt,
The police arrive and put the cuffs on me,
State in 10-20 maybe I would be free,
The crowd goes wild they have reached emancipation,
“Sniff” I only ever wanted was audience participation…!

Titled: Insomnia

i sit and stare at my screen,
await for rhyme to come to me,
empty out my mind of content,
paste it on the screen in cement,
tell my tale of the day,
and leave it posted for display,
and maybe you might learn a lesson,
have a laugh or release some tension,
i think im drifting to sleep atlast,
with remnant dreams of my past,
carry me to the land of nod,
on Pegasus my soul drifts off,
whats that noise my eye slips open,
i had a sensory aversion
to any noise that my house makes,
i got a feelin its gettin well late,
hang on i hear the sweet birds sing,
i look over it says 6am,
i think that i will start again,
snore snooore snore!!!

Titled: The Girl from Macao.!

I rent a room to a girl from Macao,
She is so forgetful I think that she’s a clown,
She leaves the house with the window open wide,
Inviting all the criminals who sit and wait outside,
Diplomacy and sweet words are my disguise,
Of the fury im feeling deep in my eyes,
She tells me “so sorry I not do it again”,
It took her 5 times for it to sink in,
And do not go near her when she goes to cook dinner,
You get burnt up so bad you believe hells kitchen is for sinners,
Every pot she touches she has blackened in my yard,
I truly think that she’s a Macao retard,
She leaves smudge's on my table and dishes on the side,
If left to her own devices flies would eat her alive,
I was her age when I was younger,
Thought I knew all and walked around somber,
But lesson she learns when a Ming she a live with,
Cause the answer im at before she even thinks it,
In spite of herself her demeanor is changing,
Albeit my patience is often waning,
Thank the lord she is seeing the light,
I feel sorry for her boyfriend cause she isn’t that bright.

Titled: The House of Ming.!

From times of old our origins lay,
The Guangdong province was the land we purveyed,
Regal celestial and honor bound,
Many a foe laid to rest in the ground,
The art of guile was their code,
Never to trust never be bold,
Understated a sheep in wolfs clothing,
Enemy falling beaten and loathing,
Industrious and quick of mind,
Many an answer to problems we find,
With eyes that are keen,
And hearts full of fight,
The land we once ruled was ours by birthright,
We came from Loo Shee the head of our clan,
Woman so strong she commandeered man,
From her we remember the Ming origin,
The example she set the minstrels still sing,
Etched in my mind til the day that I die,
I pray that she greets me way above sky,
She sits very proud with jade on her hat,
She keeps treasures buried of artefact,
Within all these items the secret is hidden,
Waiting for code to be cracked she has given,
Cause if we can break it resolve our own history,
The House of Ming will be no longer a mystery..!

Titled: The Ming Women.!

Ming women are revered all over the Caribbean,
if you blink your eye you may miss a glimpse of dem,
rare precious sought after admired,
make one unwelcome gesture your friendship expires,
although they look gentle ornate and toned,
you will find beneath there can be a heart made of stone,
they can cut you with one look a gaze of the eye,
your body be bruised you'll be hospitalized,
the only way to address them and cast their attention,
is to use skillful wit that offers no pretension,
artistic and stubborn their spirits are molded,
get in their way prepare to be scolded,
if your lucky enough for a Ming woman to ensnare,
you will find love and loyalty beyond all compare,
but moody and beautiful the Ming women be,
without those quality's i would check da guarantee..!

Titled: Remembrance.!

So what do we do all gathered and celebrating,
Rejoicing our ancestors and give thanks for creating,
I guess we sit tight and see what transpires,
With all of you here i will never grow tired,
Amongst my own people brings out my best,
And gives me great joy and many a jest,
Brothers and sisters you shine like a star,
Your light can be seen beyond venus and mars,
Cause gifted and beauty is our benchmark,
We bring light to those that sit in the dark,
Pioneers of the future of china we be,
As our cousins from the mainland,
Struggle with ethnic diversity,
flexibility creativity,communication are our weapons,
Not frightened to bend like bamboo when wind threatens,
The lost children of china no longer you see,
If the world was chinese they would be just like we..!

Titled: Father..!

Father you gave me life im the product of your seed,
Taught me lessons on bein tricky and how to hide my need,
Taught me how to twist and turn and wait to play my hand,
And although I needed pushing you taught me how to stand,
Your lessons have been tough and some were outright cruel,
But I guess you had it planned that way so I wouldn’t become a fool,
Taught me there’s a price for everything you do,
Many phrases you would quote you taught at the life high school,
But time for teaching ended there was nothing left to atone for,
As all my dues were paid up and didn’t go back no more,
I guess my thanks are given for the time you spent with me,
You gave me all the tools I need for the world I live n breathe.
Father I always loved you from when I was a baby,
Never once in my mind there ever was a maybe,
My thanks my father for the gift that you bestowed to me,
Forgotten not til end of days you will forever be..!

Titled: Creature of Beauty..

Skin as white as snow,and soft like cloud in sky,
eyes like smokey haze,her smell like new born babes,
breast like sugar mounds,i cannot help but stare,
i want to kiss from top to toe,and not miss anywhere,
The heavens open without thought,from the beauty she presents,
angels weep upon seat,when she plays with her long hair,
her mouth breathes life,with one kiss, that may come from she,
will leave you at her mercy,from your head down to your knees,
one touch you will not forget,your soul is hers forever,
a captivated prisoner in remembrance of the pleasure,
her warmth from her body,equals the rising sun,
dispels any reservation,of heartache that will come,
for if you get a chance to spend some time with her,
take it nomatter how long the length,although you may get burnt..

Titled: The Middle Kingdom..

China we love you, change with the times,
don't be caught in the slipstream, of having closed mind,
open up your heart and be generous of spirit,
to conquer the world, you will need us to be in it,
ease up don't be uptight loosen the slack,
if you crank up the the heat the elastic will snap,
a lesson can be learned from your Caribbean brothers,
you will see how to navigate rings round the others,
utilize the resources open your gates,
release all notion of ignorance or hate,
you may be an island but slower the rise,
with acceptance and action you will find new allies,
with these new ties the progress shall hasten,
long dead be the days of a dream you be chasing,
although you do not know us we know you well,
our customs beliefs we never did sell,
a fan of the middle kingdom no better than we,
we want you to do well forever you see,
so strive to go forward we will be waiting,
for the rise of the dragon the world will be facing...

gè yŏu gè jiàzhí; gè yŏu gè de chángchù hé tèdiăn
Each has its own merits.

Titled: Cha Siu Bough..

Cha Siu Bough so round and pert,
when i see you my eyes alert,
want to nibble take my time,
savour it like fine rice wine,
meaty tasty feels so good,
just like cha siu dumplings should,
cup them in my hand with care,
never do i want to share,,
lick my lips warm my hands,
only cha siu lovers can understand,
with little round dots on the top,
my appetite can never stop,
the cha siu expert that i be,
would rub those dumplings over me,
and if your cha siu pass my eye,
it will be to tempting not to try,
so bring them over let me look,
i want to be your cha siu cook...!

Titled: Yellowman..

Yellowman walked on this land,
strike you down with karate hand,
mash you up break your knee,
hits you faster than Bruce Lee,
with swift of eye dont miss trick,
even when him feelin sick,
slim like reed strong like ox,
mind so sharp all foes outfoxed,
some call him sly then they pray,
cause they be left in disarray,
eye of hawk,nimble like rabbit,
opportunity he seeks and will grab it,
Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury,
success is all that can cure he,
jug in hand like Drunken Master,
you think him slow but he move faster,
you mess with him may be your last breath,
cause you just eneterd the Game of Death...!

Titled: Love.!

I missed you i not deceive,although you never say much,
My body aches for eons, for our lips to touch,
Im seated at my post, as i write to you this poem,
Do not be inhibited, by the sentiment im flowing,
Sincerity i give to thee, not a lie do i covet,
For if you were in front of me, you could not help but love it,
Dont deny to yourself, my mind you find intriguing,
Cause soon enough the words i tell, you know you be believing,
I hate to gaze upon you picture, cause my soul does burn,
Forever more without you near, eternal i will yearn,
The truth is you could make me love you, with a single whim,
Bat of eye smile so rye, i would want to be your king,
Not fantasy or childish pleasure do i tell this tale,
The love that Romeo and Juliet had, in comparison would be pale,
I don't know how you think of me, or if you hold me dear,
Or if you keep me in your thoughts, or in your heart be near,
If the spirit inside of you, was as beautiful as your shell,
Then fer true i say from deep within i know that we would gel..!

Titled: Horny..!

Feelin horny i must state,
girls makin lil johnny ache,
i gave it name i got it christened,
as the girls my ears did listen,
cheeky cherubs that i find,
want me to go spend some time,
thinkin what one to eat,
they all look very nice to meet,
different flavas are requested,
my concsionce feelin unrepentant,
if eat not one then ill explode,
and regret it when i grow old,
my toes will curl and heart beat fast,
i concentrate to make it last,
lust is not all i live for,
but with none i would be a bore,
i must go an angel waits,
take my leave or ill be late,
and don't wait up i be gone sometime,
cause me and her are gonna lime,
my apologies if my poem is rude,
but i cant help it im a dude.. :)

Titled: The Boobs..

Boobs so round and stand up proud,
i want to kiss dem shout out loud,
make my heart beat oh so fast,
want the time i spent to last,
nipples sweet i want to tweak,
brown like hazelnuts i eat,
cherry drops my trouser pops,
cant contain myself and stop,
nibble kiss lick and tease,
my hand and tongue slips round with ease,
i gasp for air and say a prayer,
want those booby's that look like pears,
meal i make with one not share,
feed 5,000 the good lord cares,
never seen such awesome sight,
with those in hand take all my might,
one day i greet with anticipation,
the devil sent them as temptation,
know the truth that i state,
neglect them not or myself i hate,
cause comfy cosy they must be,
enough to last eternity,
Ease off strap that lays on skin,
really want to pull them in,
play so gentle with your nipples,
my spine does shiver and soul feels ripples,
big sweet bounty's that i see,
bearin down all over me,
beautiful breast plump and soft,
brown like shuga lookin buff,
squeeze with ease,
they aim to please,
maan they bring me to my knees..!

Titled: Turn of Coin...!!

Turn of coin, slight of hand,
the twists and spin of life unplanned,
adventure offered, no regret,
keep your cool, dont break a sweat,
shift of movement, counter strike,
opposition has no respite,
eliminate the problems seen,
sat on throne just like a queen,
purvey the board, dont watch the clock,
make the gains, dont ever stop,
move like snake, beat round the bush,
the direct approach, might be tough to push,
wait your turn just sit tight,you will set your world alight,
look back on year that has gone,you will know that you werent wrong.

Titled: Children services..!!

Decisions are made children carted away,
this is the place that dreams have been slain,
humanity's savior generosity of spirit,
shame the children cannot possibly win it,
no matter the outcome their worse for the wear,
my eyes start to glisten as i sit down and stare,
best wishes good intentions do not make a difference,
not even the cheques dished out as a severance,
i look at the sky and whisper to god,
for all of my strength it means nothing at all,
wish i could comfort offer some hope,
the path we each walk is alone without torch,

we must find our own light navigate our direction,
what a difference a candle can make in salvation,

if a candle was i then the brightest id be,
to blitz out the darkness so the children can see,
that to not have a parent it doesn't matter,
but to have love that is wholesome when tested don't shatter ,
that is my wish when your asleep in your nest,
its all i can offer my sincerest regret...!

Titled: Last Night!

Sat on the sofa and turned the tv on,
had a yawn the day felt long,
ambelling through life feeling somethings wrong,
dissatisfied with much in discord with lifes touch,
to the tv i was not attentive,
but what came on compelled and was relentless,
presented was a story of a dude called Huang,
china he was born named the elephant man,
victim of dissability his face deformed,
tormented soul his family mourned,
the pain of it all so intense and moving,
eyes fixated i could not stop viewing,
however the reason behind my concentration,
was for 27 years he has dealt with strife,
how dare could an hour trouble my life,
to the point matter of fact was his familys perspective,
resign to their fate of not being emmancipated,
BUT and there is a BUT that was the core of my focus,
was that their love could disarm a plague of locusts,
duty love and strength was their staple,
inspite of the ridicule the villagers did label,
pain and regret was the side salad,
with all tragedy an unavoidable hazard,
back to the point of this tale i tell of his living hell,
was Huangs simple wants expectation of existance,
determined regardless of lady lucks resistance,
wracked with guilt for being the eldest,
unable to work and help out his parents,
what a thing for he to dwell on,
even incapacitated he shows consideration,
if it was me and i was he i doubt a year id last you see,
vanity complexity have been my master,
walkin around thinkin my lifes a disaster,
the lesson was known but needed reminding,
of the mental prison i had been designing,
as for Huang he just wants to see tomorrow,
and the wonders of the world with minimul sorrow,
and as for me as i watched from my chair,
perfect within my imperfection and soul laid bear,
admired Huang greatly and his beautiful sentiment,
which was the mortar amongst his familys establishment,
and felt ashamed of myself.....!

Dedicated to Huang Chuncai.

Titled: A walk to work.!

Early morning nearly dark,
close the door i will embark,
mist against me cold wind snaps,
darting shadows of fox and cat,
lamplight's flicker eyes coincide,
both struggling to stay alive,
forward march down the road,
with trail of smoke born from the cold,
get to platform train delayed,
peoples faces long and frayed,
boarding train get a chair,
out the window that i stare,
city passing in a blur,
am i dreaming my mind does stir,
train is busy people squashed,
im packed in tight til i get off,
step on platform out the station,
nature strikes like we've had altercation,
up my tempo to hasten beat,
urge the souls of my feet,
men like ants quick we scurry,
to our post in life we hurry,
passin shops construction sites,
that sit silent late at night,
shepherds bush the busker plays,
to earn his silver night and day,
get to temple of my duty,
where gorgeous maidens wait to greet me,
soothe the eyes refresh the mind,
i notice not the hands of time,
the end of day draws closer in,
rewinded journey must now begin..

Titled: Home.!

Building old building strong,
been erect for far too long,
if walls could talk a novel spoken,
instead of whispers as a token,
hallowed halls darkened windows,
chimneys proud strong and regal,
brick is cast from strongest rock,
moulded into yellow stock,
outlast tree man or grass,
a victorian cottage is built to last,
sat on stool i look around,
how many must have stood same ground,
i give a smile bout my loft conversion,
of wich the spirits have no aversion,
on first meetin what a state,
took time and money to navigate,
walls would crawl and floors would shake,
the damp would make your body quake,
spirit walker on the stair,
little child who laughs and cheers,
solemn spirit in the bathroom,
that lightens up when song is in bloom,
sat on stool but not alone,
the remnant past lets me know,
talk to them talk to god,
a touch of madness like king george,
sanitys benchmark is unkown,
when i roam in my home,
the spirits laugh a tale is added,
for the walls to log and manage..!

Poetry Clash 08:


Titled: Woman.....

your skin as soft as silk,
with shine that shadows fine rum,
your smile as warm as dawn,
that heats the soul above,
your slender like the reed,
that flows from river wide,
your eyes as deep as sea that draws close like the tide,
your lyrics full of joy and filled with heavenly fun,
with youth upon your side,thats why you have pert bum,(teehee)
you glow like shooting star streaming cross the sky,
when i look into the distance i cant belive my eyes,
that the simplest arrangement can catch me by suprise,
your classy gracefull simple ornate,
to meet with you would seal my fate,
although our meeting may be brief,
one ting me know my heart you teef,
i cannot guard,ive no defence,
to even try would make me tense,
alas i yield i know the truth,
to meet with you would be the proof..

Priyanka Persaud (New York, NY) wrote
at 7:52pm on January 5th, 2008


Yah skin ah ruff like leather
Meh kiss yah an yah taste liek fresh coconut watah
Yah grin does mek a charm
Meh sit inyah arms and meh nevah feel h‘arm.
Yah hair nice an curlee
An yah goatee tick like roti
Meh caant hoole meh art bak,
Yah open yah mouth and meh does taaalk wak
Meh caant deny meh caant lie
Oh honey boo, pumpkin stew
Kiss meh again and meh gwan always tink of you..


Titled: Gardening...

lotus blossom lotus blossom,
why ya taste so sweet,
i could yam you all day and night,
til i gain you heart to keep,
you twist and turn and moan n groan,
from all the moves i make,
when me finish yam your lotus,
your blossom shuure to break!!

huh tek that metaphoric torpedo.!!


Priyanka Persaud (New York, NY) wrote
at 3:46am on January 6th, 2008
Well ello dere,
my nice cutsie wootsie fuzzie wuzzy, chubby teddy bear
wid de cute freckles and ah bak scraped wid nair.

Trute is,
dere really was neva a torpedo!
so nah big up yahself and claim tah be ah hero

But yah no wah?
ah gatta admit dat meh did taste sah sweet
an a know yah remembah dis as dat dah and night

but yes Ill admit tuh de moanin and groanin
after all
wid yah loud obnoxious snoring ah culdn’t concentrate on meh television watchin

Boi meh naw steal yah fire, all meh did was add watah hehe


Titled: UGLY BINNI..!!

meh no wen man get into woman dems lair,
we werent expectin dat fuzzy bleached lip hair,
an dem G size cups dat ya bear,
turn into AA wen ya tek off the padded bra ya wear
when me get home,what it say on the tin is jus not der,
waaaaaait your nail fell off pon the stair,but m'na care,
im too drunk to stare...
ya tek off da shoe n feet hard like yatin,
they look as old as moses,
meh start bust out in latin,
wen marnin rise,in the cold light of day,
i look to da heavens,clasp my hands and pray,
da gal next to me,turn roun n say,
(high pitch woman voice) can meh call you gain anudder day,
me say EYEY,NO WAY,ya look so bad ya could turn a weaker man gaaay!!
lucky fer you inner beauty meh search,
otherwise me leave you in da lurch,
cook up,pepperpot,pone,and lo mein,
if not fer dem skllz den meh gaan insane,
i tell ya what i mek it simpler,
ya ever stop cookin den ya come like pimpla!! (pimpla=thorn in your side).

Priyanka Persaud (New York, NY) wrote
at 3:50am on January 8th, 2008

Aah watchya
Yall ear dis boy writin about an ugly binni
Neva mind he alook like me granny fanny
Banna yah disrespect ah caze stress
Yah lie an taalk about some double A breas
Wen yah neglect fuh mention dat yah de lookin at yah sistah chest

An me fake nails did fall pun de stair
Jus like de ponytail yah got from JUST FUH MEN HAIR.
So no bruddah, now meh fella is tyme fuh me tell de truth
De night meh kiss ya
Yah false teeth fall out from dee root.
Aah de tek off meh shooes and meh feet look like yatin
An I two de start prayin cass yah breath de kickin
Come next day I ad lil saatfish an bake, peppa pot an stake
An as lie down beside yah till yah ahwake
Meh fine lil Johnny on de floor


Titled : BREAKFAST!!!

in da marnin when me wake from ur grip,
meh goto da bathroom,and i nearly slip,
meh start to choke ca ya qualy batty is vampin,
wen ya sit pon the toilet,
ppl know ya not rampin,
ya walk around face like jumbee,
its ur breat dat stink like channa an roti,
wid da callabash haircut and yampee in your eye,
i tink to meself and wonder why,we end up together,
BOI YA MUDDER IS SLY,me must give she cut eye,
den meh start cry,
ya come to me wid dem tot tots pon ya chest,
you bring dem close fer me to caress,but dem sa small,
i need microscope ta test,
but dats da best of the rest,
yah mash up me johhny why it dep pon da floor,
den yah ruun it,but it nah funny,
ca the night before ya dun pound it like hunney,
i TRULY love you ca im a generouse guy,
and gal like you need as many freinds as they spy,
but dont be insulting ca ya pom pom be dry,
til the day ya die ca no man as brave as I....skuunt!!


Priyanka Persaud (New York, NY) wrote
at 3:28pm on January 8th, 2008

Dear Lawd,

Dis man ah seh dat he ah generous guy
He ah talk about ow meh p*m, p*m dry
Neglecting to say dat wen weh mek love he does turn an cry
naw wantin admit dat he just is "A SENSITIVE GUY"
He ah lie an seh meh smell like channa an roti
neva mine since we met he ah eat up all de curry fuh we pickney
now oh lawd meh ah be wan deturmin woman
meh a cut suga cane and save watah wen it rain
meh ah dress de kids in battasawaki
mind he ole mudda an BE SHI DAMN LACKEE
clean he duty shaats wend eh smell MUCKEE MUCKEE

Oh lawd
Meh put up wid he busin and he cusin
tek he insults an all he fusin
turn meh back to he womanisin
lift he backside up wen people seh he de tiefen
try fuh deter he, from all dis blasted ganja an weed smoking
wear rubba slippa so he cud geh shoe fuh… wuk’in
talk to de Jandi, de Ohbeah woman de PRIEST AND DE PASTA so we could geh some prayin
Message - Report

Priyanka Persaud (New York, NY) wrote
at 3:25pm on January 8th, 2008

yes he de messin around, he dee doing dee do
havin affairs wid some gyals from dee zoo
he ah send up meh pressure an meh a get de flu
he ah gamble out de money fuh meh children dem school shoe
an dis lil VANSKINIMYTE ah seh dat meh aint true?

Good laawd
All dee sacrifices meh mek fuh dis man
Ah tell yah ah would had a betta chance wid, “PETER PAN from de book NEVERLAND”


Titled: SOUR N SWEET..!!

My wifey she love me,she always try she best,
when me see gyal wid more beauty,
its the inside thats a mess,
ya see inner beauty is the highest prize i seek,
when i weigh up all the pros and cons,
wifey has them truly beat,
she pick all da pieces wid no cussin or complaint,
she strive to create miracles,where other mortals feint,
without she i be nuttin,as i speak my eyes do water,
my life would be so very low,
id be like lamb to slaughter,
anyhow,i not mention bout all her faults she carry,
ca she gave me loads of valium the night before we marry,
me na know what she do to me,ma head all giddy blurred,and bound,
da next ting me remember its the weddin band me found,
she go and see da obia woman to put a curse on me,
so wen me look at other binni,
ma mind go blank ya see,
she da one ma heart desire she da one fer me,
when da preacher tell we "say i do",
it was for all eternity...!!!

Priyanka Persaud (New York, NY) wrote
at 2:52am on January 10th, 2008
Oh HUssie dear

E always knew tuh say de sweetest tings an mek me drop tears
an so meh tank you for not just being miserable but being true
an doe ya lies does get meh blue
ah jus want yah tuh know dat i love you

thee end..

Hmmm she never pick on me after that... SCHuuuuups.....!